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Shri Yoga

The owner of Shri Yoga reached out to me, needing a new website. She didn’t want to have to mess with learning to update and run a website- she was more interested in running her business! So I created a turnkey website just for her. I imported all the content from her old website, created a […]

Mitosis Glass

Recently the artist behind Mitosis Glass came to me for some help on her website. She had WordPress installed, but none of the themes she tried were exactly what she wanted. They all still looked like blogs. So I whipped up several designs for her to choose from. She has a store on etsy for selling […]

Coding for Crafters

Hi. I’m Kaelin, and I’m a crafter. People tell me I’m supposed to specialize, but I really enjoy doing just about everything I try. So I’ve done lampwork, hot glass, blacksmithing, welding, quilting, gourmet cooking, spinning, knitting, dyeing, candle making, painting, charcoal drawing- well. You get the idea. Currently, I’ve mostly narrowed my focus to […]

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