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Mitosis Glass

Recently the artist behind Mitosis Glass¬†came to me for some help on her website. She had WordPress installed, but none of the themes she tried were exactly what she wanted. They all still looked like blogs. So I whipped up several designs for her to choose from. She has a store on etsy for selling […]

Calling all Crafters

There are a million and one ways to have a website online. But crafters have special requirements, ¬†artistic visions, and rarely any leftover time for running a website . Which is why I code some of my designs specifically for crafters. All you want to do is your craft. Whether it’s custom hula hoops, fine […]

Showcase your Brand

  You’ve made your beautiful creation…. but now you have to present it to the world. Where do you start? What do you need? And what are the href thingies?! You start by emailing me. We’ll talk about what you need. And you don’t need to worry about the href thingies ever again. That’s my […]

You could have Everything You Want

I create websites for Crafters that take care of all the details, without limiting your creativity.

I have four levels of services, that can be tailored to your unique situation.

Sprinkles On Top- you just need a few tweaks, so I offer my ala cart selection of web upgrades.

One Scoop- you just want a simple blog or site tied into Etsy or Art Fire.

Two Scoops- Full featured blog with custom graphics

Banana Split with Everything- custom site, custom graphics, custom everything

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