You could have Everything You Want


I create websites for Crafters that take care of all the details, without limiting your creativity.

I have four areas of options, that can be tailored to your unique situation.

Ala Carte– you just need a few tweaks, so I offer my ala cart selection of web upgrades.

Starter Kits– you just want a simple blog or site tied into Etsy or Art Fire.

Moving on Up– Full featured blog, or website with custom graphics.

Professional all the Way– custom site, custom graphics, custom everything, SEO enabled, and totally maintained by me so you never ever have to worry about it.

Ala Carte Web Design:

You’re not sure that you want to go the whole website route, but you do need just a few things. Like a logo, or an Etsy banner.

So just about every option I can think of is on my Ala Carte menu. Pick and choose to your heart’s content, and I’ll work on whatever you want me to.

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Starter Kit Option:

My starter kits are just that- kits. I create some basic designs that would go with a range of craft types or styles, and I guide you in adding content, and making changes.

You are just starting out, and need an affordable way to have a website that doesn’t look too cheesy or amateurish.

So you pick one of my starter kits and you get:

A professional design that is semi-customized with colors and fonts that I install for you.

A custom logo.

Tutorials from me on how to make changes and 10 support questions.

A guide to how to create listings, how to take pictures, and how to go about taking over the internet with your awesome craft.

You can, of course, add other things to this as well like Monthly support, or a custom url, or anything else off my Ala Carte  list.

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Moving on Up Option:

Business is taking off and you need more than that cookie cutter design that you’ve had. You’re moving on up in the world of business, and your site should reflect that. Not a problem!

With this option, you get:

A custom designed website with shopping cart

An Easy way to update pages

Check out with Google or Paypal

Automatic integration with Facebook and Twitter

A newsletter with signup box

A tutorial on creating SEO friendly content

A detailed tutorial on how to list new products, plus my help if you run into problems

An integrated blog

A custom logo/banner.


Additonal things you can have-

A custom URL

An ssl certificate so you get that nice lock icon in the browser bar

Monthly maintenance by me for your site, selectable by the hour if you like.

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Professional All the Way Hosting Option:

Sally makes handmade satchels, using upcycled Army surplus bags. She stitches felted designs, and makes them into funky bags primed for adventure. But Sally breaks out into hives at the site of a simple link, let alone a full website. So she’s used an expensive cookie cutter hosted site, and struggles to make that work. But the design isn’t what she wanted, and it’s really difficult to make changes.

Sally wants:

– A custom design website with shopping cart
– An easy way to update pages
– Something that doesn’t break the bank!
-never to look at code again no matter what

So Sally hires me to create, where I create custom graphics, host her site on my secure web server, create her secure shopping cart, and make any changes she wants with a monthly plan of $35, and an initial payment of $675.

For that she gets:

a custom URL
a custom designed site with custom graphics
unlimited pages
an attached blog( with import from any previous blog)
secure shopping cart that I setup all of her products in
checkout with paypal, google, or
an ssl certificate which will make a lock icon show up in the browser showing her site is secure
automatic integration with twitter and Facebook
all content made SEO friendly

20 emails of personalized coaching help during setup and 5 emails per month,

and full support is only an email away! Check out my Professional Packages